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About Me

My pottery and workshop is based at my home, in the small Wiltshire village of Winterbourne Stoke, near Stonehenge.

Most of my work is produced within my pottery; however, I also run workshops and events throughout the local area. Including Salisbury Museum, Stonehenge Visitor’s centre, Sarum Academy and Wilton shopping Village.

Most of my work is thrown in Stoneware or white earthenware using an electric wheel. I also enjoy sculpting, slab building or coiling the clay to produce more unique work. I love creating finished pieces with subtle designs, inspired by nature. I appreciate the versatility of clay and seize any opportunity to explore its function and forms.

Over the years, my career has varied widely, but never far from my mind has been my passion to create. Whether this was painting, sculpting or crafting. I have a strong desire to share this with others. I first pursued my interest in clay during A levels in Cornwall and after completing my degree in Kent, I continued to follow my passion in South London, through adult education alongside my career. In 2012 I began working as an apprentice in a working Wiltshire pottery. In 2015 I decided I wanted to set up my own pottery, working independently from home, producing work for galleries, shows and running a variety of pottery workshops, as well as bringing up my three beautiful children.

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My mission is to create beautiful, useful things for the home and to pass on my enthusiasm for working with clay to as many people as possible!

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