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My pottery and workshop is based at my home, in the small Wiltshire village of Winterbourne Stoke, near Stonehenge.

Most of my work is produced within my pottery; however, I also run workshops and events throughout the local area. Including Salisbury Museum, Stonehenge Visitor’s centre, Sarum Academy and Wilton shopping Village.

Most of my work is thrown in Stoneware or white earthenware using an electric wheel. I also enjoy sculpting, slab building or coiling the clay to produce more unique work. I love creating finished pieces with subtle designs, inspired by nature. I appreciate the versatility of clay and seize any opportunity to explore its function and forms. 

We are located on Church Street in Winterbourne Stoke. Coming down the hill from Stonehenge, it is the first turning on your left opposite the pub. Continue down Church Street for approximately 150 metres. We are opposite Brook Close, behind the first five bar gate. You may see our 'happy hens egg' sale box first. 

There are 6 parking spaces in the drive and parking is unrestricted on the road.

Staddles SP34SW
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